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bikki's whinge

OK. Time for me to piss you all off.

My boyfriend's cheating on me with his ex who's a complete and utter whore, and when he is with me, he is the shittiest kisser known to humankind. On top of that, I'm a short, fat blob, I'm afraid to eat in case I get any fatter. I've just had my Depo Provera and I'm getting all the side effects, I'm epileptic and my medication isn't working, and as for the cheese in my house, it's all gone mouldy and the cheese I'm looking for is hard to find because I'm lactose intolerant. I smoke 20 a day, which means I have very little money cuz I'm living off very little benefits. The sugar in my house all comes in little packets which makes my cup of tea taste crap, and half the time no-one can be arsed to make me tea anyway. Oh yeh, and my sister went and ate all the jello without telling me, and I hate her for it.

Whenever I complain to someone, all I get is fucking HUGS. I don't want hugs. Don't give me hugs. Hugs suck.

k.s. x
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Well, at least you have a boyfriend.....
But probably not for much longer if he keeps on being a shit.

k.s. x
Well then you'll be shit-less. See, there's always a bright side!
But then I won't have a boyfriend .... ah, bloody hell, this could go on forever.

k.s. x
Tell your boyf to bugger off, you're better off single. Then you can come off the Depo, which will help you lose some weight.
Don't eat cheese then complain about your weight, that's silly, cheese is just tasty lard. Same goes for the sugar, bleurgh, spoils a decent cuppa!