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The Stop Fucking Whinging Club

No Hugging Here
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OK, life sucks. You haven't got a job / flat / shagpartner / intelligence / sense of balance and self-worth / dog, but get some fucking perspective - you could be a homeless person in India with one leg, one hand (the left one), as well as hayfever (and no tissues, obviously).

Tell us all your problems and I can promise there'll be no *hugs* merely *bottle*s and "so?"s - unless you're a completely annoying twat we want to scare away from this community, in which case we'll *hug* you until you squeal.
a little perspective, awareness of own fortune, bottling, constructive advice, death of pets, depression, flat tuesday, get plastic surgery ugly, homelessness, indifference, kicks in the head, lack of serotonin, low self-esteem, masturbation, no money, not having a job, not hugs, not shagging, not-being-dribbled-over-by-total-fucking-strangers, poverty, shut-the-fuck-up-you-self-indulgent-wanker, sincere sympathy, unemployment