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another day in the life of....

Im new to this community, it just struck me as the place I want to join.

Ive had extremely bad hayfever. My ex boyfriend keeps turning up everywhere I go and annoying my friends to get me to talk to him. I wish to castrate him painfully.

How can people expect you to go from being naked to saying "hey fancy a beer, lets watch the football together." The old we will be friends routine. i just dont do friends and thats that. its all or nothing.
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At least he wants to be friends with you. Lots of people have messy breakups full of anger and recrimination and lose all contact with their exes!

small world, etc... how're you? come over again some time!
I dont want to be friends though, and Im sick of him dragging my friends into this. I want to lose all contact. Defintely come over sometime. :-)
Pah! Grow up. There are plenty of sad no-marks out there with no friends, and you're complaining about gaining a new one? Psh.

And hayfever? That's nothing! Antihistamines will sort that right out. You could have a *real* problem like your leg falling off, goddammit.
This is me with medication, and I still feel like Im dying. I have many good friends already, I only want to gain decent ones, not pointless acquaintances.
I've only just come across this.

I'm sure you can see why we should find it amusing.
yes, youre about nine months late though, The Joke isnt funny anymore. :)